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Staging highlights your home’s best features while downplaying any weaknesses, and helps buyers envision how wonderful it would be to live there. It is about making changes that improve the opportunity to sell the property. Sometimes just doing a few low cost repairs or upgrades will drastically change the appearance of a home and add instant value. Other times, it can make more sense to invest a considerable amount of energy and resources into improving the house.

Together we will determine where on the spectrum your home might fall and let you decide if you would like to stage your home at all, and to what extent. At it’s core, staging is about gaining a competitive edge - an advantage over other homes in your area, making buyers prefer yours to the others available. The major difference when decorating to sell is to not express your own particular taste, but to focus on the target market that will be attracted to your house. Below are some case studies of the work we have done.