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How To Prepare Your Home For Sale

When you are thinking about selling your house, usually your first question is “What do I need to do?” And it is easy to get wrapped up in all the things you don’t like about the house or the things your never got around to changing, but unless it is something that will be an issue for the majority of buyers, leave the renovations to the new owner.

Focus on the things that will be an issue for the new home buyer such as exposed wiring, asbestos, buried oil tanks, plumbing issues, foundation issues, or leaky roofs.

Make sure the essentials are in good working order; plumbing, furnace,  air conditioning, appliances, roofing, lighting and electrical.  If there are major issues or if anything needs replacing, it is best to speak with your realtor as it might be easier to factor the replacement cost into the price and pass that job onto the buyer.

There are 10 things you can do that are fairly inexpensive and can make your home more desirable to buyers

  1. Paint: Having freshly painted neutral walls is an easy way to maximize your homes appeal. We usually go with Valspar Seashell grey.
  2. Scuffs: Get your magic eraser out and remove all the scuffs from your doors and walls.
  3. New grout: This is a super easy and effective way to spruce up your bathroom.
  4. Wash the windows: Clean windows will make your house seem brighter, and every buyer wants that.
  5. Clean your carpets: Unless your carpets are new, have them steam cleaned. We know a guy if you don’t want to do them yourself.
  6. Light Fixtures and light bulbs: Light is your friend, the brighter your home the better it looks for buyers. Replace any dated fixtures and replace any burnt out light bulbs.
  7. Shine the floors: If you’ve got hardwood floors, fill the cracks and polish. ( Ask Greg his secret to shiny floors) If necessary, you may consider refinishing.
  8. Curb appeal: Make a great first impression with curb appeal. Consider repainting the door, repairing any porch damage, tidying up the landscaping, laying fresh mulch and freshening up any planters
  9. The backyard: This space should not be over looked.  Mow the lawn, remove any junk, weed the gardens, replace any crumbling stones, and re-stain or power wash the deck.
  10. De-clutter: It’s the most important thing you can do and often the hardest. We recommend getting a temporary storage locker to store any belongings you want to keep but don’t have room for. The goal is to have your house look as big as it can.
    Kitchen: Clear the counters, wash the inside and out of cupboards and appliances. Pack up any items you will not be using if your cupboards are crammed.
    Bedroom: Remove any personal items, grooming products and bulky furniture
    Living Room: Remove clutter, kids toys and any electronic wires
    Dining Room: Remove clutter
    Storage: The last thing you want is for Buyers to think there isn’t enough storage in your home, so take the time to pack away what you don’t need in the immediate future.

If your realtor is staging the house, they may ask for most or all the furniture to be removed.

Whether you plan on selling this year or next, we can help you start the process and advise you if any work need to be done. We stage all our properties and take care of many pre-listing improvements. Check out our Before and Afters here