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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist  

It’s fall in Toronto! Leaves are falling, the temperature is cooler, and the kids are back to school! Time to get a few things done around your home!


o   Clean gutters and downspouts of any leaves and debris.

o   Check gutter and downspout alignment to make sure water collects properly and drains away from the house

o   Inspect roof for any damage, leaks, missing shingles, etc. Clear away tree branches, debris, etc.

o   Rake leaves and clean up the yard as necessary.

o   Fertilize your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall protects it over the winter and helps it green up faster in the spring. 

o   Cover air conditioning unit.

o   Drain outdoor faucets, hoses and sprinkler systems.

o   Inspect exterior foundation and look for any cracks. Repair as needed.

o   Inspect exterior lighting, replace bulbs and reset timers as needed.

o   Check the grading around the house and make sure it slopes away from the house.

o   Look for any cracks in the concrete around your house (ie – steps, driveway, etc). If they go un-fixed they can get worse over the winter.

o   Get your ice melt, shovels and snow blower ready



o   Have furnace inspected and replace filter.

o   Check for gaps around windows and caulk/seal as necessary. Check doors and replace weather stripping if needed. 

o   Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

o   Check pipes and faucets for any leaks.

o   Clear forced air vents of any obstructions.

o   Have the chimney cleaned and inspected if you have a  wood burning fireplace. 

Enjoy the cool fall days and taking care of your home. Preventative maintenance now will save money on expensive emergency repairs and wasted energy costs. Properly maintaining your home also enhances its value and appeal, and is less effort than managing a crisis later. When the frosty weather approaches you and your home will be ready.

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