Sell With Parker Group
When selling your home you want to make sure your biggest asset is being handled
professionally by someone with experience and a proven track record.

Pre-Listing Improvements

The Parker Group takes care of all the pre-list improvements of your home. From repairs & painting to cleaning & staging, We know that it lessens the stress of selling for our clients, but also makes your house more desirable to buyers.


Our in-house interior stylist will set up your home to look its best with our staging furniture artwork, and fresh flowers for picture and listing days so potential buyers get the best impression of your property.


Professional photography is a must to maximize the appeal of your home, we bring in our talented professional photography to capture beautiful shots of your home as well as a virtual tour for online and print marketing.

Print Marketing

With our in-house marketing and design specialist creating unique and custom marketing pieces for your house. Our plan goes far beyond just putting your property on MLS, handing out flyers and hosting an open house. Every step in our process has a specific and intentional purpose and increases your chances for a successful outcome.

Digital Marketing / Social Marketing

Most buyers start their search online, so to target that audience we market online through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Ads, as well as by sending your listing to our extensive mailing list, our database of agents, and our media contacts.

Full Service / Team Support

You'll always be kept in the loop. From listing to closing, you'll know the status of our marketing efforts, the offers on the table and the steps leading to a successful closing once an offer is accepted.

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